The soul is man's most basic part,
He chooses to ignore...
Kept shut away and out of sight,
Like locked and boarded door.
Why would one want to venture there,
To do so might be scary...
For safely stored within the soul,
The baggage we each carry.
Are we afraid to look inside,
At truths that lie within...
Revelations dormant there,
Of who we were, and when?
The window that reveals the soul,
Builds up over the years...
With gunk and crud, in layers deep,
That can't be cleansed with tears.
It's only when we're desperate,
All inspiration lost...
We peer into our soul's window,
Risk peril, pay high cost.
Inspiration fuels mankind,
It comes straight from the soul...
If lost and never found again,
Man is no longer whole.
The one who dares to meet head-on,
Confront their demons there...
Gains peace of mind and happiness,
Through soul that is laid bare.
(c)  03/04/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Am I Losing You

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