Let me live life to its' fullest,
Consistent every day...
Let me be an inspiration
In my small and unique way.
Let me dwell not on my failures,
Instead take each one in stride...
Let my attitude be humble,
No excess of undue pride.
Let me dance with spring time breezes,
And laugh with gentle rain...
Let me find words that will console,
Dissolve my best friend's pain.
Let me forego any judgment,
Of those whom I do not know...
Let kindness be the rudder,
As I weather storms that blow.
Let my wealth only be measured,
Within kindness and good deeds...
For the interest from those only,
Will provide for all my needs.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil 12/30/06
Midi playing is:  Beneath Still Waters

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