Dear Mom and Dad,
It's been awhile,
Since we have been in touch...
So thought that I,
Would drop a line,
I've  missed you very much.
It seems like now,
When I think back,
The timing was all wrong...
I had so many
Things to do,
And now you both are gone.
Dad, did you find
A place you liked?
And are you settled in?
Do you still have,
The cows you loved,
And took to shows to win?
I really miss
Our phone calls Mom,
When we lived miles apart...
Not long ago,
You called my name,
That gave me quite a start.
I even looked,
Around the room,
Your voice was so distinct...
But you weren't there,
And my eyes filled,
So that I had to blink.
And though it's been
A long time now,
The hour is drawing nigh...
When I will see
You once again,
This time I'll really try.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Away

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