The turkey carved, resides for now,
Upon a platter square...
Resembles not the bird it was,
With legs high in the air.
Sweet taters that were very good,
Beneath marshmallow crust...
Their candied layer stripped away,
As if that were a must.
The dressing made with so much care,
Baked to perfection's peak...
With so much left, it faces now
A future that is bleak.
Cranberries, pie, and some cakes too,
Oh my it was a feast...
To say there was far too much food,
Is truth at very least.
And all that went uneaten,
Sits now in bowl and pan...
Each wondering what the future holds,
And listening for the plan.
Will it be put out the back door,
For feeding dogs and cats?
Rare treat indeed as they dig in,
With growl, a hiss, and spats.
Or will they go just down the road,
To a family not as lucky...
For them to savor and enjoy,
Do justice to the turkey?
(c)  11/25/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Cowboy

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