Tucked away in unknown place,
So that it doesn't show...
Mother Nature's beauty thrives,
Where gentle breezes blow.
Unhampered from the touch of man,
Left unspoiled and serene...
A place where man can then retreat,
To think through each new dream.
It's beauty indescribable,
Breathtaking in each hue...
Nurtured by golden sunlight,
Thirst quenched by rain and dew.
When the world around us threatens,
And seems too much to bear...
We need to have a special place,
For taking troubles there.
Become as one with Nature,
Then feel revitalized...
Beneath the vibrant colors,
The blue of sapphire skies.
Leave all their troubles piled high,
At Mother Nature's door...
Buried in the brilliant leaves,
That carpet Nature's floor.
Crisp air that reaches deep inside,
To touch our heart and soul...
Incentive now to forge ahead,
Make happiness our goal.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Hey Jude

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