Photo By Bob
My husband is the greatest guy,
He repairs what is broken...
From water pipes to broken dreams,
Unkind words that are spoken.
I call him Mister Fix It,
But in most loving way...
It's because of his efforts,
I get through each long day.
His smile is brilliant, simply shines,
Like sunlight at high noon...
I feel its' warmth and marvel how,
It also fills each room.
His voice is soft and soothing,
Filled with much wisdom too...
He takes on each new challenge,
There's nothing he can't do.
He even acts as sounding board,
When I need to unload...
Provides support that calms me,
So that I don't explode.
He understands my every mood,
Though it's scary when I find...
Before I even speak a word,
Mister Fix It reads my mind!
When fences become broken,
He knows just how to mend...
He is my strength when I have none,
And always my best friend.
(c)  11/03/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midid playing is:  I Can't Stop Loving You
Sequenced by Gecadero

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