I saw you from across the street,
A stranger at your side...
The two of you were holding hands,
Your face was lit with pride.
She laughed at something you had said,
Looked up into your eyes...
A perfect pair, the two of you,
And really no surprise.
My mind flashed back to years ago,
The way things used to be...
Forgotten now the reason why,
The lady isn't me.
But then the two of you were gone,
Almost like you weren't real...
I blinked my eyes and willed my heart,
To block the things I feel
I don't know where you found her,
And I will never ask...
For what we had is buried deep,
And was no easy task.
(c)  09/20/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi Playing is:  Two More Bottles Of Wine-sequenced by Gecadero

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