Man spends much of his lifetime,
Lamenting trials he's faced...
Most often those from his own hand,
A multitude of waste.
He ponders and he spends much time,
In thinking problems through...
Sometimes overlooks the answer,
When it is in plain view.
It's beneath him to ask questions,
Makes him feel less a man...
Experiments the answers to,
His own quite unique plan.
It's a part of each man's makeup,
To throw caution to the wind...
Bring the boy and man together,
In one delightful blend.
Achievements are the reward for
The fruit of goals and dreams...
Contrast that with what some had said,
Were nothing more than schemes.
Still man is never satisfied,
His efforts are ongoing...
His accomplishments and his pride too,
In use and in their showing.
(c)  09/10/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Blowing In The Wind  sequenced by Gecadero

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