Photo By Loree (Mason) O'Neil
The last rose of summer,
Is fading fast away...
Like person who is growing old,
And now has hair of gray.
No swelling of your branches,
With buds and blooms to come..
I fear your days of beauty,
Are numbered and near done.
Effects of hot dry summer,
Have taken heavy toll...
Became a struggle to survive,
We both made that our goal.
The sun lacks warmth that it once had,
The days now seem quite short...
The very things a rose must have,
Are not there for support.
With fall now fast upon us,
I watch as you retreat...
To seek the sanctuary of,
Deep earth beneath my feet.
I'll miss your gorgeous colors,
The scent of your perfume...
That wafted through each window,
And freshened every room.
Next spring I'll watch for signs of life,
Along with much elation..
For brand new leaves and bursting buds,
That are my inspiration.
Farewell my fading beauty,
Time you recuperate...
I'll see you in the springtime,
Impatient while I wait.
(c)  08/23/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi Playing is: Five Red Roses

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