If I could have one thing I wish,
I'd ask for magic wand...
I'd put it to the best of use,
It never would be pawned.
I'd start by treating all of those,
Who suffer from their ills...
Make them whole and well again,
Without the need for  pills.
I'd wave it here and wave it there,
Each and every day...
To get rid of the bad things that, 
Seem to come our way.
And what if the wand could help enough,
It brought about world peace?
That violence would dissipate,
And hatred would then cease?
But now I've come to  realize,
We each possess that wand...
It's in our hearts, in each one's voice,
And in each new day dawned.
With wisdom we can do our share,
To help solve each man's plight... 
Use guidance with our magic wands,
Stay focused on what's right.
 08/14/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  BroJack

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