A sinner is the one who has,
Stumbled now and then...
But full of hope he gets back up, so
He can try again.
A hero is a cut above,
The ordinary man...
The one who goes the extra mile,
To help in ways he can.
A saint is someone held in awe,
Yet he too has a past...
While the sinner has a future,
Provided he can last.
Saints and poets share a common thread,
Their lack of moderation...
An abundance of exuberance that,
Acts as their inspiration.
Each presence here on earth is for,
A purpose and a reason...
Each individual meant to fill,
Their unique, special season.
It matters not what they have been,
Hero, poet, saint, or sinner...
For God loves each of them the same,
Through His eyes, each one a winner.
(c)  07/17/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: Candle In The Wind
Poem inspiration from various quotations by:  Anne Sexton and Oscar Wilde.

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