We've never been affluent,
We never have been rich...
Yet we are wealthy our own way,
We've carved our special niche.
Our family jewels are different,
From most that you've heard of...
No thief would ever find them,
For they are things we love.
Our diamonds are quite plentiful,
But sometimes can't be seen...
For they are sparkle of the dew,
When lit by warm sunbeam.
Our gold is pale and subtle moonlight,
When searching tendrils reach...
To touch our lawn with color that
Resembles sandy beach.
Our rubies are quite brilliant,
The flash of cardinal's wings...
Far more precious every day,
Are songs that a wren sings.
Amethyst tinted cumulus clouds,
Or sky of sapphire blue...
Are jewels that take one's breath away,
When on display for view.
Our family jewels may be unique,
Yet something to pass on...
The things that made us rich in life,
Will be here when we're gone.
(c)  06/07/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  All The Gold

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