The Stove
photo (c) Loree O'Neil)
White enameled face,
All dusted with care...
Standing on legs,
That cause one to stare.
For many long years,
In one place it's sat...
Definitely antique,
One can't argue with that.
Still ready to go,
At each new occasion...
Comes to life with one match,
And little persuasion.
Over years it has seen,
Hundreds come and then go...
Warming their food,
With a bright orange glow.
No timers nor gadgets,
No things to go wrong...
It stands at the ready,
When gas is turned on.
It's days may be numbered,
It's fate still unknown...
But for services rendered,
It stands on it's own.
(C)  05/16/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
midi playing is:  Faded Love

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