I felt that I once had some class,
Thought I was in the 'middle'...
How I tumbled from that spot,
Is something of a riddle.
All my life I worked quite hard,
To climb up one more rung...
Retirement has me scrambling now,
To stay where I 'begun!'
I guess I  now have to admit,
There's no one else to blame...
I failed to do the things it took,
To gain money and fame.
I didn't think being lazy,
Was a becoming trait...
I thought that good things always came,
With hard work and long wait.
Experience has taught me that,
There are two kinds of class...
The rich who have, the poor who don't,
And I'm one of the last!
(c)  05/03/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Happy Go Lucky

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