When people strive for nothing else,
But wealth and acquisitions...
They give up simple pleasures just
To satisfy ambitions.
Happiness cannot be bought,
As many can attest...
Yet simple things, that still are free,
Provide pleasure the best.
A sunrise full of color,
Warm breeze upon the face...
The diamonds of a morning dew,
All have their special place.
The music of a songbird,
At evening whippoorwill...
The rainbow after storm is past,
Can make the heart stand still.
Life's greatest pleasures all around,
A bit of time their cost...
Yet people tend to hurry past,
So beauty is all lost.
Too busy running down life's road,
That seems to have no end...
Take time to look around you,
While there is time, my friend.
04/21/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: Away

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