I am a senior citizen,
My working days are done...
I'm quite content with walking now,
No longer have to run.
Being older has advantages,
I never had before...
I flaunt my age, just like a badge,
For discounts at each store.
My kids all think I'm daffy,
I see them roll their eyes...
They'll never once admit that though,
I'm older, I'm still wise.
It's pay back time for me at last,
For the years they drove me crazy...
Now they're the ones who have to work,
While I am the one who's lazy.
I am a senior citizen,
It makes me very proud...
I take it to the limits of,
The things that are allowed.
(c)  03/29/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Hard Hearted Woman

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