Mankind will try to do their best,
In challenges they meet...
They cope with those as best they can,
Think not of a retreat.
Man meets head on, the usual tasks,
Tackles the rare ones too...
His goal to finish what he starts,
Though sometimes hard to do.
So each new day that man must face,
With problems that are tough...
His efforts help him forge ahead,
But will that be enough?
Man grows in spirit through his years,
Matures to polished sheen...
Life's lessons feed the wisdom that
Wraps all Men's hope, each dream.
Man's work alone, cannot achieve,
Success that he desires...
For he must have both faith and luck,
As fuel to stoke his fires.
And when with age  those fires dim,
To just an ember's glow...,
Man may reflect, not realize,
He also built his soul.
(c)  03/17/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Digging Up Bones

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