A feeling that we all have known,
At one time or another...
It's something that we may ignore,
If it seems just a bother.
A fleeting thought across the mind,
That never tarries long...
Like little voice that comes and goes,
Heard briefly, then it's gone.

Still we may mourn it as the loss,
Of opportunity...
A chance to take advantage of,
Instead chose not to see.
The good intent that it contained,
But then we passed it by...
To take another route instead,
Instinct suppressed will die.
I see instinct like golden ring,
Not borrowed, even loaned...
As just annoyance I ignored,
To later be bemoaned.
The wise man listens to instinct,
And message it contains...
For often it is more on course,
Than content of our brains. 
(c)  02/12/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Follow Him

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