Photo Marty Adams
Sometimes when life seems so unfair,
I feel I don't belong...
I even doubt few strengths I have,
And wonder at what's wrong.
I must accept there is no way,
For me to change all things...
So I seek the quiet of a special place,
The peace it always brings.
Just a country road that serves me well,
Where I leave my hurt and pain...
Replace it with the strength I need,
A faith to help sustain. 
There's a gentle breeze that reaches out,
Dries tears upon my face...
I think that God walks here himself,
To share his love and grace.
Time and trials go hand in hand,
No use to run away...
Each sunset is a chapter closed,
Each dawn, a brand new day. 
  01/29/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Runaway

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