There is beauty in a budding rose,
Made sweet with morning dew...
In warm colors of a sunset,
That glows with muted hue.
There is beauty in each new sunrise,
Thinly veiled  by clouds above...
In the sound of mocking bird that sings,
Lonesome mourning of a dove.
There is  beauty in a mountain stream,
It's water clear and sweet...
A lush green meadow, home to deer,
So graceful and so fleet.
Real beauty comes in simple things,
Those are free just for the taking...
Each day is meant for storing those
Sweet memories in the making.
So make the most of every day,
Wring from it all you can...
Hold tight to sights and sounds of it,
For those bring peace to man.
(c)  01/09/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Get Lucky

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