There are spices that each of us need,
Not found in any store...
Yet it's within each one of us,
To have plenty and more.
They can't be bought by brand name,
They come in generic form...
We start accumulating our supply,
Almost from day we're born.
Try Kindness and Compassion,
Use them when you feel the  whim...
Add Caring for that extra touch,
That comes from deep within.
Love is for all those special,
It adds an extra zest,
A Smile on top of Humble pie,
Will make it taste the best.
Understanding adds the flavor,
To each relationship...
It keeps a marriage standing firm,
So that it does not tip.
Friendship is beneficial,
Humility a must...
Keep some Hope that you can draw from,
And a Faith that you can trust.,
(c)  01/07/06  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Desert Gold

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