In Memory Of 911


Comes now the day when innocence was lost,
We remember the day, forget not the cost,
Of innocent people gone almost a year,
We think of them now, and still shed a tear.
Thousands of families trying to cope,
With consuming grief and very little hope,
Relentlessly looking for answers to find,
Seeking so hard to find peace of mind.
Husbands and wives gone now forever,
Sad thoughts of them impossible to sever.
Never forgotten our memories linger on,
What happened that day, and how it went wrong
In bright morning sun there appeared in the sky,
A plane off it’s course, soon thousands would die.
Not knowing at first this was no accident,
But a mission in progress by terrorists hell bent.
The Twin Towers loomed, and they were the goal,
Of those who were lacking, both heart and a soul,
Obvious that soon they would forcefully impact,
No time for action, no way to turn back.
Joined by a second plane, shortly thereafter,
Adding to the book of life, yet one more chapter.
And fire and smoke filled the sky all around,
While panic set in for those still on the ground.
The brave and courageous appeared everywhere,
Even giving their lives, to show that they cared.
And soon it was heard, as the morning wore on,
Another hit made, this time the Pentagon.
And if not for brave souls, in the skies over PA,
Who tried and prevented, another target that day.
They took up the challenge and answered the call,
Their reward is in Heaven, as they too, gave their all.
And so it is true, that we’ll always remember,
Each fall that comes round, the 11th of September.
And pause for a minute to utter a prayer
Remembering those gone and showing we care.

© Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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