Ho, ho, ho! 
It's that time of year,
Christmas is coming...
It's practically here.
The snow we have now, 
That covers the ground...
Will soon be all melted,
With none to be found.
So Santa will change,
His mode of travel...
Sleigh runners don't glide,
Over roads that are gravel.
But his pickup truck,
Jacked high in the air...
With a four wheel drive,
And power to spare...
Will work just fine,
In the wide open spaces...
For bringing the presents,
That light little faces.
The gas tanks are filled,
Cause he caught it on sale,
Though It cost arm and leg,
And part of his tail!
But everything's ready,
And Santa's all set...
To make Christmas this year,
One we won't forget!
Merry Christmas To All!
(c)  12/19/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Jingle Bell Funk

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