It takes two special people,
To call each other 'friend'....
A case of trial and error with
A willingness to bend.
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye,
But still we show respect...
For friendship has no guarantees,
Is not always perfect.
When I get slightly out of hand,
You never do chastise...
Instead you know just what to say,
Calm me with words, all wise
We've shared some secrets time to time,
That only we two know...
Gave full support and some advice,
When life was hard to hoe.
.We now are old and wiser,
It seems we have matured...
We've coped with trials that life threw us,
Our friendship has endured.
Since the day that we first met
Our feelings have grown deeper...
You are the friend I recognize,
As being a real keeper.
(c)  10/11/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Desert Gold


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