Foot In Mouth
You've lost something important,
Can't believe that you've misplaced it...
It wasn't written on a note,
So you know you've not erased it.
You've looked in all the places,
Where you think that it might be...
Just how you came to lose it,
Still remains a mystery.
You dig through all the trash cans,
Look inside each dresser drawer...
Search all the cabinets and the shelves,
Even get down on the floor.
Finally needing sympathy,
You share then with your spouse...
That you've lost your sense of humor and,
"It's nowhere in the house."
The response is classic foot in mouth,
"What's lost is merely rumor...
For never have you ever owned,
What's called a sense of humor!"
(c)  10/09/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Bill Bailey

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