Beloved beyond words
January 1991-September 2005
How fast the years have sped along,
It seems like yesterday...
When we first saw you, at six weeks,
You stole our hearts away.
You were a special one for sure,
Personality plus and good looks...
Your antics over all the years,
Would surely fill up several books.
You were a beauty, an attention getter,
With colors that were bright...
Your stature and your graceful moves,
A tail that curled so tight.
Basenjis are a rare breed,
And for the most part mute...
Yet you would greet us with a grin,
Your yodel that was cute.
You were the best of everything,
We wanted and much more...
Content to wait and welcome us,
When we walked through the door.
You brightened up our lives so much,
More than a friend it's true...
We miss you Kelsi, now so much,
A part of us, went too.
(c)  09/15/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is::  I Fall To Pieces

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