Nine eleven, two thousand and one,
A nation changed forever...
We try to heal and move ahead,
A difficult endeavor.
Time may diminish daily thoughts,
Of tragedy that day...
Still it's embedded in our minds,
Never will go away.
We mourn the loss with aching hearts,
Like it was now, not then...
As if the hurt is carried back,
On wings of blowing  wind.
Those who died there, in morning light,
Will never be forgotten...
There is a price for those to blame,
For deaths that were ill-gotten.
We go about our daily lives,
And do the best we can...
Yet 911 is with us still,
And guides our country's plan.
We pray for courage from now on,
Ask help that we don't fall...
Trust that our leaders use foresight,
In making each new call.
We pray for comfort that comes from,
Knowing we've tried our best...
Ask for the strength as we move on,
To meet each trial and test.
A promise made, one that we'll keep,
By people not the same...
Is to honor those, who gave their lives,,
Know they died not in vain.
(c)  2005  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  America

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