Here on earth I've not been rich,
Little money that is green...
Yet I yearn to buy a ticket,
To a place I've never seen.
Where it is quiet and peaceful,
They say it's so serene...
I have heard that it's called Heaven,
With slates all bright and clean.
So I sat and waited patiently,
For the next train down the track...
It seemed not long until I heard,
The noise of big wheels' clack.
And then it came to screeching halt,
The conductor stepped right down...
"Please sir, what is the price to ride,
This train if it's Heaven bound?
I haven't always gone to Church,
Nor even paid my tithes...
My own mark in this world down here,
Has been of smallest size.
But I've never passed a man in need,
I've done all I could do...
If nothing more than share some tears,
Console with kind words too.
So please sir, would you be so kind,
To quote me now the price?"
He looked at me with kindly smile,
Said, "Good deeds will suffice.
For this train is Heaven's Special,
A seat cannot be bought...
Instead it's earned with the good things,
You've done and have been taught.
I have a list of all the names,
We're picking up today...
Your name is not here at this time,
Check back another day."
As the train took it's departure,
I felt lift of my load...
I know now what it takes to ride,
The Heaven's Special Road.
(c)  09/05/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: Life is Like A Mountain Railroad

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