Katrina, such a pretty name,
Like tinkling of a bell...
Alas what's really in a name?
It's  mighty hard to tell.

She seemed to be like one possessed,
Filled with fury and with wrath...
Spared nothing that she reached to touch,
Destroyed all in her path.

Katrina's somewhere out of sight,
Most of her wrath now spent...
She's history that we didn't need,
Her efforts seemed hell bent.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those,
Who struggle now each day....
To stand upon their feet again,
Mourn all things swept away.

I'd never name a daughter now,
'Katrina' and that's sad...
For she would be reminder of,
The worst of what was bad.

(c)  08/31/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

Midi playing is:  Angel Flying


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