Photo by Leonard O'Neil, and 'Graphic by Robin'
It seems like only yesterday,
When I had much to learn...
No inkling of just what it took,
To be grown up in turn.
The big decisions were not mine,
No load upon my shoulder...
For as a child, I lived in bliss,
The problems came when older.
It mattered not that we worked hard,
With chores we had to do...
For we could race down a dirt road,
When all the work was through.
We entertained ourselves with what
Was readily at hand...
A doll with hair and big blue eyes,
A ballgame in the sand.
The books I read, transported me
Into a magic place...
With special thrill that lingered on,
And time could not erase.
The Wind In The Willows and the Bobbsey Twins,
And Little Women too...
Then later on The Grapes Of Wrath,
As comprehension grew.
A dreamers place, a reverie,
Where I became a part...
Of those who lived in pages there,
Each one would touch my heart.
Now I am plagued by age and worse,
With eyes that have grown dim...
No longer dream, nor read the books,
That were my joy back then.
How long the time that I have left,
To share my words with you?
Until such time that God chooses,
To hide them from my view.
It seems like only yesterday,
Not really all that long...
Yet each thing I go to do tells me
Those years are almost gone.
(c)  08/12/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Blue Bayou

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