The old wood shed behind the house,
Depending on how you view it...
Was great for storing winter's wood,
Unless you were taken to it.
On a big spike nail, driven in the wall,
Placed there for convenience sake...
Hung a leather strap, somewhat worn,
It was used for give and take.
Called a big dose of persuasion,
It came in large or small,
You knew you were going to get it,
When that strap came off the wall.
No room for trying self defense,
No sibling who would share it...
Just drop your drawers and stand real still,
When told you'd better bare it.
Still kids grew up in real homes then,
Respectful and polite...
They knew the woodshed didn't hold,
An 'Afternoon Delight'!
Now days I hear of 'time-outs',
Parents counting up to ten...
Those simply were not options,
In the wood shed where I've been.
(c)  07/31/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: Busted

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