These Things We'll Never Know

What lies beyond horizon,
Where ocean meets the sky...
Not one has reached that meeting place,
No matter that they try.
What holds the moon high overhead?
I've heard it's Gravity...
What if her arm gets tired and
She drops that moon on me?
What if the stars stop twinkling,
Just quit their shining bright...
How would the ships then navigate,
If stars turned off their light?
What if the sun just disappeared,
No longer was in sight?
Nor mortal would survive for long,
Lost in eternal night.
Who was the one who chose decor,
Of colors that we see...
The blue of sky, the gold of sun,
The green of leafed out tree?
Who planned a river's journey...
And why do strong winds blow?
Who told each bird what song to sing,
These things we'll never know.
These are the very questions that
Have always perplexed man...
Only one has all the answers,
Our creator, with his plan.
(c)  07/23/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

Midi playing is:  Heyjude

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