Gentle Man
photo by NovaDean
A Gentleman is a gentle man,
With a heart and soul that's kind...
His focus is compassion,
To be shared with all mankind.
His voice can sound somewhat stern,
When it is necessary...
His shoulders may seem stooped a bit,
Beneath load he must carry.
Yet his heart is full of so much love,
For all those he holds dear...
He stands as buffer and a wall,
Protects them without fear.
A gentleman is a gentle man,
With traits to be admired...
His reputation the gift he leaves,
To those he has inspired.
If the world were full of gentle men,
It would be a peaceful place...
For surely the true gentlemen,
Walk in the light of Grace.
(c)  07/11/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi Playing is:  When I Call Your Name

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