Our Strength
Every time we climb another rung
On the ladder of success,
We reap the glow of feeling good...
From having done our best.
And when it comes to being told,
'My dear, you are so sweet'
Happiness is the reason why...
It helps stave off defeat.
It takes more than just exercise,
To keep us really strong...
It's coping with the trials of life,
And meeting them head on.
To remain human is a challenge too,
Each time we deal with sorrow...
Or encounter an obstacle in our path,
As we reach for tomorrow.
It takes a failure now and then,
To keep us straight and humble...
The courage to get up again,
Recover from each stumble.
Yet when it comes to survival,
As we keep plodding on...
The credit goes to faith in God,
It's he, who keeps us strong.
05/31/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: I'll Fly Away

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