Photo by Laretta
Real ladies used to frame their face,
With big hats that they wore...
They wore them everywhere they went,
To Church and to the store.
A hat was necessary,
And was expected to
Add the stylish look they sought,
Perched on a new hair-do.
With ribbons streaming gracefully,
And blowing in the breeze...
The hat was meant to help complete,
Appearance that would please.
Some time ago, they went out of style,
For years could not be found,
But like most things that disappear,
What goes round, still comes round.
For now they've made a comeback,
They are in demand again...
There's nothing any prettier,
Than a hat atop a grin!
(c)  05/18/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Somewhere Between


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