The Jukebox
With every color known to man,
Displayed with neon light...
The Jukebox in the corner cafe,
Was truly quite a sight.
It stood in a place of honor and
Really drew a crowd...
Held us transfixed with blazing lights,
And music that was loud.
A single nickel at a time,
Was good for just one play...
While six songs from a quarter,
Was the bargain of the day.
The 45s held magic,
There were no idle feet...
We were caught up with moving,
In rhythm to the beat.
That Jukebox took a beating,
If it tried to digress...
By spitting back the quarters,
Meant for it to ingest.
A sharp slap from a patron,
And words like, 'You darn Jerk!'...
Sometimes would fix the jukebox,
Persuade it then to work.
The Jukebox now is memory,
It's really sad to see...
That it has been retired,
Replaced by music free.
Now we get no choice at all,
With music we are fed...
I wish we could just resurrect
The Jukebox from the dead.
(c)  04/30/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  PT Boogie

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