Twilight Of My Years

How great it is to be retired,
To while away day's hours...
Reliving events from my past,
Recalling ivory towers.
My most impressive memories,
Are from a by gone age...
Like reading of beloved book,
Turned to each favorite page.
I think about the springtime,
Of youth that is long gone...
Look through my mind for lyrics,
To what was favorite song.
Lift my face into the wind,
Search for the pungent smell...
Of fresh mown hay in windrows,
That I recall so well.
I smile at thought of soft turned earth,
So warm beneath bare toes...
Hours spent beside a stream,
Wondering where it goes.
I'm in the twilight of my years,
With time to reminisce...
To remember all the simple things,
I'm glad I did not miss.
(c)  10/23/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

Midi playing is:  As Long As I Live

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