Angels Do Not All Wear Wings
God's Angels are depicted,
All wearing pretty wings....
Along with a golden harp,
Sweet music that they sing.
Don't overlook Earth's Angels,
We see them everywhere....
In the daily deeds they do,
Because they truly care.
These Angels have been touched by God,
They answered his loud knock....
Going forth to do God's work,
On earth where they now walk.
Never asking for reward,
On Earth where they reside....
Accumulating Angel points,
And doing so with pride.
Not every Angel comes equipped,
With wings to lift them high....
For the Angels here on earth,
Will get theirs by and by.
Angels do not all wear wings,
Nor have a halo too....
Yet they will surely earn those,
Because of deeds they do.
(c)  04/17/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Double Dose

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