House For Rent
Photo Loree (Mason) O'Neil
The house is really rustic,
It's weathered over years...
It seldom sets there empty,
Despite all of my fears.
It doesn't cost birds all that much,
The rent is really 'cheep'...
I let it go for just a song,
A renter then to keep.
The floor plan was kept simple,
It only has one door,
The birds seem to prefer that,
They never ask for more.
It's a great place to raise babies,
The renters will attest,
Once they take possession,
Commence to build their nest.
The setting is quite pretty,
With lots of pinkish blooms...
The mother who's expecting,
Can smell their sweet perfume..
From inside my kitchen window,
I can see the birdie show...
Take note of all the action,
And watch those babies grow.
Next fall when it is time,
That they pack up to leave...
I won't spend time by feeling sad,
Allow myself to grieve...
For they'll return just like they have,
Each and every year...
And once again the house will hold,
Those birds that bring such cheer.
(c)  04/06/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is: Bird Song

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