The Hope Chest
Many years have come and gone,
Since I was in my teens...
When boys all wanted their first car,
And girls were full of dreams.
A hope chest was the one gift,
That all the girls yearned for....
To fill with sheets and blankets too,
New dishes and much more.
And when we all had married,
It became our treasure chest...
A haven for the priceless things,
Those mementos we loved best.
A golden ringlet that adorned,
We saved from baby's head...
Booties from those tiny feet,
A blanket from his bed.
Photos of our loved ones,
All the things that might be lost...
If left just laying here and there,
Might even have been tossed.
It's just a wooden hope chest,
That  bulges at its' seams...
But it's filled with entire lifetime,
Of all our hopes and dreams.
Who wants this chest and what's inside?
Or will it just be sold?
Because the contents kept in there,
Are yellowed now and old?
(c)  03/06/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Baby We're Really In Love

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