The Cur

photo byLoree (Mason) O'Neil
Her mother was blue heeler,
But quite a rounder too...
The father undetermined,
No blue blood it is true.
She was born with a stigma,
That's attached tightly to her...
There's no other explanation,
She will always be a cur.
But the moment that I saw her,
And I held her in my arms...
I felt my heart turn over,
As she plied me with her charms.
Her markings are peculiar,
To say the very least...
Her appetite voracious,
She has to have a feast.
Her tongue is soft and gentle,
As she kisses on my neck...
Her crying like a newborn,
Makes me a total wreck.
We didn't really need a dog,
The day we took her in...
But with that funny face of hers,
She sure did need a friend!
02/26/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Lets Chase Each Other Round The Room

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