The Pet Lover's Prayer 

If reincarnation looms ahead,
In God's great Master Plan;
When I come back to earth next time;
I hope I'm not another man.
I want to be, a cat or dog,
And in a loving home;
With lots of toys, and kids to play,
A place to call 'my own'.
With skies of blue,
and squirrels to chase,
Or mice, if I'm a cat;
A bed at night, in some warm place,
Who could ask for more than that?
And when I'm old,
and have slowed down,
I pray they understand;
And not look at me, with a frown,
And 'dump' me in a strange new land.
But instead, that they remember when,
We used to run and play;
That they will love me, to the end,
When I die, and go away.

2002 Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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