The Mirror
I pick up a hand mirror,
Surprised by what I see...
This stranger never flinches,
Stares squarely back at me.
I thought my eyes once sparkled,
With life and with some humor...
Now I fear I may be wrong,
That those were only rumor.
My hair has lost it's luster,
No longer boasts bright sheen...
Or was that too a memory,
Or figment of lost dream?
My reflection simply living proof,
Testimony of my years...
Lifetime of trials and much hard work,
A multitude of tears.
I see each crease that I once said,
'Oh those are just laugh lines,'
The truth is though, they represent
My age and harder times.
It's sad that this same mirror,
Can't show what's deep inside...
A heart that brims with compassion,
A soul still filled with pride.
(c)  02/22/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

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