These Hands
These hands are old and very worn,
All bruised with skin that's thin...
But oh the stories they could tell,
Of what they've done and when.
These are the hands that served me well,
For all my working years...
The same hands too, that reached to dry,
My own, and loved ones tears.
Don't fret that they're not pretty,
But try to understand...
These hands have held things in their grip,
Performed upon command.
They have not always looked this way,
All wrinkled and so old ...
They've been the link from mind to limb,
Obeyed and did what told.
They still reach out with so much love,
Hold tight to each newborn,
Their touch is just as gentle now,
And every bit as warm.
Their only rest will come some day,
With long eternal sleep...
When at that time, they cannot reach...
Console those who might weep.
(c)  02/15/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Angel Band

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