Conversation Piece

Some days I'm sharp, just like a tack,
There's nothing I can't handle...
While other days my mind is fuzz,
Ideas seem to dangle.
They dance about just out of reach,
Taunt me and tantalize,
Instead of words, I draw a blank,
That's when I realize...
Some days I function very well,
I'm free from aches and pain,
But mostly now, I groan and creak,
Mush represents my brain.
I used to jump when I got up,
Almost bounce out of bed...
Now body parts move cautiously,
And some of those with dread.
The guy who named the Golden years,
I surely think was wrong...
Or maybe he was Hercules,
Extraordinarily strong.
He surely didn't suffer like,
My friends and I all do...
Still conversation would fall flat,
Without an ache or two!
(C)  02/12/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Ain't Much Fun

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