As I grow older,
I've learned and found,
My sanest thoughts,
And those still sound...
Are in the dreams
I have at night...
Simple, plain,
Perfect and right.
But when I wake
It's really sad,
Those thoughts are gone...
That makes me mad.
They're never where, I'm 
Sure I left them...
Causing panic,
And then mayhem.
My thoughts dart here,
And then dart there...
Taunting "Catch
Me, if you dare!"
Sometimes a name that's
Slipped my mind,
Other times it's something
That I can't find.
I think the file
That is my brain...
Is overloaded,
Not quite the same.
Yet I'm reluctant
To clean it out...
Risk tossing those thoughts,
I chase about.
(c)  02/05/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Countryfied

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