A Bridge To Cross
Photo Steve Smith 2005
Mother Nature is my cure all,
Picks me up when I am down,
Can rid me of my darkest mood,
Wipe away my deepest frown.
Just a walk along a pathway,
With a bridge that I must cross,
Can diminish all my troubles,
Help confront a hurtful loss.
The footbridge represents to me,
A step into my future,
As I encounter, meet head on,
Sort through thoughts that help nurture.
I'll weed out the bad and change the things,
That tend to keep me down,
Look straight ahead, and not below,
Sad thoughts where I might drown.
With timid step, upon the bridge,
I pause when words seem spoken,
"Be not afraid, this bridge is safe,
It's sturdy and not broken."
There's peaceful beauty all around,
Mere words cannot describe...
Unhappy thoughts are swept away,
Along with tears I've cried.
We each one have a bridge to cross,
And though it is our own,
We seek the strength we need from God...
We do not cross alone.
(c)  01/28/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing:  How Far Is Heaven

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