Planted Dreams
She often speaks, though quietly,
Out loud now, to herself...
As she does all the mundane things,
Like dusting of a shelf.
She pauses at the picture of,
Her husband, now long gone...
Looks once again at smiling eyes,
Sighs at days that are long.
And if one was to follow her,
It might seem somewhat strange...
Her steps each day, follow the path,
Where once two used to range.
Along the creek, and through the trees,
She follows their fence line...
Her mind filled with the memories,
Of how they spent their time.
How hard they worked to make each dream
They shared, to then come true...
Those dreams not just for one alone,
Instead were made for two.
But plans and dreams can go astray,
Some fast and others slow...
Leaving one with planted dreams,
That had not time to grow.
(c)  01/14/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

(midi playing is Golden Ring)

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