I Wanted

(photo Steve Smith)

I wanted someone close to me,
To reach and hold my hand....
Someone who would take walks with me,
Barefoot, on river's sand.
Walk with me through a forest green,
Where few had tread before...
Sink down beside a rushing stream,
To rest on nature's floor.
I wanted someone who would share,
Each time of special thought...
Someone to show me brand new things,
With patience as they taught.
I wanted strength to deal with life,
From one who would be sharing...
Filled with special gift they had,
To always show me caring.
I wanted someone to be there,
That I could depend on...
Someone to join in, as I sang,
Each new and happy song.
God gave me such a person,
When he sent you to me...
For you are all, and everything,
I wanted you to be.
(c)  01/10/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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