Night Singers

My very favorite time of day,
Is just before the dawn,
While darkness still blankets the sky
And dew still bathes the lawn.
My chair beside a window,
Thrown open to the breeze,
The smell of honeysuckle wafts,
Inside the room, to please.
And all is quiet and peaceful,
With others still asleep,
When I am one with Nature’s world,
And secrets she would keep.
The calling of a whippoorwill,
I count at forty strong,
Immersed between a mocking bird,
Whose trill goes on and on.
I wonder at the insects
that Come out so late at night,
The croaking of the frogs that too,
Will quit with day’s first light.
When suns first rays will touch the earth,
And bring forth bright daylight,
And cause these singers that I’ve heard,
To hide…till next it’s night.

© 2002 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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